“I would like to thank my Sponsors most sincerely for all of the help that you give me - financial, in product, your services and time and most especially for believing in me, I really hope that I can give you all results this year to thank you for being with me every step of the way, every kilometre of track, every second I improve – THANK-YOU!”  Brad Binder

If you are interested in sponsoring Brad, please contact his Manager – Steve Burgess by emailing [email protected] or see the Contact Us Page for more details.

Pole Position Travel

Polepositiontravel.com is part of the Pole Position Travel Group dedicated to providing travel solutions for motorcycle fans worldwide.  PPT is a UK Company with most operations based in Prague.  PPT have a great and knowledgeable team with representation in the Czech Republic, Italy, the USA and Australia.  PPT enjoy a close working relationship with circuits and suppliers to bring their customers the best possible MotoGP experience.  PPT attend every MotoGP and are in all of the VIP Villages as well as their own private hospitality suites at several events.  PPT cater to groups, clubs, corporate hospitality and individuals.  Special requests are welcomed.  Pole Position Travel live by the motto – “Nothing beats being there” and their team will go way and beyond ensuring your MotoGP experience is one of a lifetime!


Rural Liquid Fertilisers

Rural Liquid Fertilisers (Pty) Ltd (RLF)  is a world class supplier of crop nutrition and protection brands.  Founded in 1993 in Australia to manufacture and market high efficiency broad spectrum liquid fertilisers for agriculture, today RLF procures, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of fertilisers.    Their talented people are passionate about working with clients to deliver value and on farm financial returns.  They are a dynamic, committed and customer focused business. They have wholly owned manufacturing operations in Australia and China.


Arai Helmets

Arai Helmets – one family, three generations of passion, one mission.  Since 1937, Arai is and always has been a family owned company, driven by the same family, with the same mission, through three generations.  Three generations of riders who have committed themselves to that same goal:  making the best helmet possible.  Just pick up any Arai helmet and you can immediately feel the love and craftsmanship it was made with, each and every Arai helmet has passed through many hands before its good enough for you.  Proud hands, which have put the name of the craftsman that built the helmet in writing on the inside of the outer shell.  You will probably never see it, but it is there.  Our mission has always been the protection and comfort of riders.  Put on an Arai:  you just feel good.  You want to keep on riding.  That’s why we build our helmets the way we do, because it’s not about what you pay, it’s about what you get.  We hope you see the difference in Arai, and in the three generations of family behind it.


Ixon Leathers

24 year old Thierry Maniguet created IXON Motorcycle Clothing in 1996, as a motorcycle fanatic and with his wealth of experience in sport clothing sales, Thierry has been driven by the will to become one of the Top 5 international brand leaders in the motorcycle garment market.  IXON is based in France, north of Lyon, and is available in more than 40 countries.  IXON Motorcycle Clothing is based on the highest of requirements and expertise and is offered in trendsetting designs and styles.  IXON is an excellent quality brand at amazing prices.



Alpinestars is a hallmark manufacturer of technical, high performance protective gear for MotoGP and other action sports.  The company takes its name from the English translation of the Italian mountain flower “Stella Alpina” which grows high in the mountains in Asolo, Italy  where the company was founded in 1963 by Sante Mazzarolo.  Alpinestarts has enjoyed great success with many world champions such as Kenny Roberts and Mick Doohan, the 1990s saw the company branch out into manufacturing  all times of technical protective gear for motorcycling including gloves, jackets and full leather suits.  Today the company is run by Sante’s son – Gabriele Mazzarolo – the original headquarters and main R&D facility remain in Northern Italy.  Alpinestars protective gear adorns MotoGP World Champions Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo.


MCSA Magazine

MCSA Magazine is simply the best sports bike Magazine in South Africa.  Editor Robert Portman is the long time graphic designer of Brad Binder and continues to sponsor all of Brad’s graphic design, artwork and layout.



Racerzone is the # 1 Superbike Website in SA and proudly Powers and Sponsors www.bradbinder41.com