The Bradical Arai Helmet

Brad Binder’s helmet design was unveiled at Catalunya in June 2012 . Designed by RW Racing GP’s Robin Spijkers, the helmet encompasses various elements of Brad’s heritage, sponsors and his logo. The South African Flag has always been part of the identity of Brad’s helmet, first introduced by his father – Trevor, the South African Flag remains an integral part of Brad’s helmet design. Robin has successfully modernized the design of the flag with the visor as central to the Flag – Brad’s outlook will always be Proudly South African. Brad’s race number - #41 is included in the Flag design. Long time sponsor and supporter – Pole Position Travel is included in the forefront of the helmet with  – Tutti Frutti taking pride of place along the top and sides of the helmet. Helmet sponsor – Arai feature prominently – making the best, safest, most comfortable helmets possible. Brad’s new logo is found at the back of his helmet. His logo was also designed by Robin Spijkers and features the African Leopard. The Leopard was chosen for Brad as it is one of “The Big 5” – of the Big 5, the Leopard is considered to be the most difficult to hunt – Brad strives to be the most difficult to “hunt” by his competitors.  Brad’s helmet is easily and clearly identifiable on track, making him easy to spot among the pack of racers.

Brad Binder's Arai Helmet design

Brad Binder and his distinctive Arai Bradical Helmet design Brad Binder and Robin Spijkers

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