IXON Leathers

PA128065824 year old Thierry Maniguet created IXON Motorcycle Clothing in 1996, as a motorcycle fanatic and with his wealth of experience in sport clothing sales, Thierry has been driven by the will to become one of the Top 5 international brand leaders in the motorcycle garment market.  IXON is based in France, north of Lyon, and is available in more than 40 countries.  IXON Motorcycle Clothing is based on the highest of requirements and expertise and is offered in trendsetting designs and styles.  IXON is an excellent quality brand at amazing prices.  Now Brad is a proud be an IXON ambassador and sporting IXON Leathers.  Brad’s IXON Leathers for the 2013 Moto 3 Season have been fashioned in his favourite colour – blue.  They include the logos of his personal sponsors and those of his Team – Ambrogio Racing.  For the first 2 IRTA tests Brad wore a really eye catching yellow and black set of IXON Leathers, perfectly matching his Leopard Logo and showing off the trend setting style that IXON Leathers are known for.



ixon with white backg